Wednesday, July 1, 2015

For Fans of My Old Comics

Those of you who have inquired about my classic comics will be happy to know that they will comprise the majority of pieces in my second art set.  I've finally found the  time to get back to working on it and am rejuvenating an episode each of The Inquisitor, Yubbies and Lady Marilyn's Misfortune (which will be colorized as was the preceding episode in set one).  The Yubbies episode is also a follow-on from the episode featured in set one.  Hang in there - I'm really pushing to get this set put together!   

Blondie & Tootsie's Continuing Torment

The torment continues for these luscious comic book icons with the post-preg, pleasantly plump ladies subjected to more perverse torment, breast and orifice abuse at the hands of masked tormentors! 

The Depuceleur Blog is Back Again!

Apologies for my latest protracted absence and kudos to fans who have kept checking in waiting for new news and art.  As with previous sabaticals I hope to get back to posting new art again and reposting (as with this piece) previous posts lost after Google Blogspot's aborted plans to ban explicit art (and my subsequent deletion of all the original posts).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Depuceleur BDSM Art Set

For anyone visiting this revived blog for the first time (since the Google about-turn on censorship), the original Art Set is still available.  I'm currently working to put set #2 together.  It will again be a mix of old comic art plus newer pieces - slightly more biased towards the comic art by popular request.  I'm also trying to find the time to get a brand new comic series rolling but that's not a sure thing yet.  I'm still also creating custom artwork for private commissions.  


Another re-post from the original blog - for those of of you who like their superheroes of the futanari persuasion.  Hang in there fans, fresh artwork coming soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Depuceleur Comics

A little comic nostalgia.  A comp of some of the comics I've done over the years, some of which I've already colorized or sharpened up the old black and white art.  The colorized Lady Marilyn's Misfortune and some refreshed Yubbies pages are included in Art Set #1.  Follow-on pages and additional comic pages will be available in Art Set #2 when I finally get around to putting that together.   

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whipping Stocks & Watersports

Still struggling to get the blog up again with regular posts and new art.  Until then, here are a couple more older pieces, originally posted before Blogspot's censorship announcement and subsequent policy reversal.  Actually the one on the right only ever appeared as a snippet in an ad for Art Set #1 (where you can see the drooly-free version).